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                       GC/MS Spare Parts  


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About us

ThermoScientific (MAT, Finnigan, Fisons) and Agilent (HP & Varian) MS, GC/MS and Data System parts. 

All prices on request.


  Thermo Scientific MAT 95 / 900  Parts

  Thermo Scientific MAT 8200 / 8400  Parts

  Thermo Scientific  Ceramic / Sapphire / Glass  Parts

  Thermo Scientific MAT Ceramic Columns

    Varian (Agilent) Saturn 2x00  Parts

  Varian (Agilent) Saturn 2x00  Units

  Varian (Agilent) Saturn I - 4D  Parts

  Varian (Agilent) GC 3x00 Series  Parts

  Finnigan  ITS 40 / Magnum / Tracker  Parts

  Varian (Agilent) GC 3x00 Series  Parts

  Finnigan / PerkinElmer  ITD 800  Parts                                    on request

  incl. Electronic Parts !

  Agilent (HP) GC / MS  Spare Parts



  Injector liners

  Swagelok parts

  Electronic Parts for Mass Spectrometers

  We offer many discontinued electronic parts. Please ask for a quotation !.




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