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New and pre-used GC/MS Accessories

Items are pre-used, cleaned & tested !   

All prices on request.


  FINNIGAN SSQ / TSQ  DCI Option, new


  Including DEP Holder Assy., p/n 70001-60036,

  DEP Probe Assy., p/n 70001-60044,

  10 pcs. DCI Emitter p/n 0486320 

  and 2 pcs. DCI Ion Volumes

     Lauber-all-in-One GC-Injector

  • Lowest Temp.-Gradient of all available GC Injectors
  • Improved Resolution, Sensitivity & Reproducibility
  • Water cooled septum. Extended duty-cycle for Septa
  • Suitable for Varian 3400, HP5890A, CE 5160 etc. GCs

  Autosampler CTC A200S  (Rev. 4.0.1)

  Autosampler CTC A200S  (Rev. E4.0.3)

  Pre-owned, cleaned & tested, in good condition. 

  CTC A200S spare parts

  Maspec II  A/D Interface Unit

  Maspec II  Co-Processor PCB

  Maspec II  System CD

  Pre-owned, in good condition.



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